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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: What is a Hipponiex?

A: A Hipponiex is a magical cross between a Hipponiex and a Phoenix! You can find out more in the Hipponiex Encyclopedia!

Q: What is a Critterooz?

A: A Critterooz is a funny creature that is wonderful, weird, strange, super, quirky, and cool!

Q: Where does Hipponiex.com take place?

A: In Critterooz Land, which is located in the very center of a planet known as The Realm of The Hipponiex, a planet in the Hipponiex Galaxy, which is right next to our Galaxy! 

Q: Why does the second episode of Hipponiex Space seem to be unfinished?

A: The second episode of Hipponiex Space is not yet finished, but it is nearly completed and should be updated soon!

Q: What is this website for?

A: Critterooz.com was created as a fun and safe entertainment site for kids! 

Q: What is HipponiexRPG?

A: HipponiexRPG is a roleplaying game set in the Realm of The Hipponiex. You can play it now by clicking HipponiexRPG at the top of the page!

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