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Welcome to Critterooz.com!
The story of Critterooz begins long ago...
The Critterooz, a race of funny critters,
lived all alone in a land known as 
Critterooz Land.
One day, a portal opened in the middle of their town square,
and out came a group of wonderful new creatures!
They had the head, body and back legs of a hippopotamus,
and the wings, tail, and front legs of a phoenix!
They were called the Hipponiexes! In honor of the Hipponiexes,
The Critterooz decided to name the planet on which Critterooz Land was located
The Realm of The Hipponiex. And that is the story of
Critterooz.com! Now you can explore

the world of the Critterooz and Hipponiexes! Just click on the map at the top of the screen to find a list of places you can explore!

Welcome to Critterooz.com!

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